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Comfort VS Style What Should You Prefer?

Comfort VS StyleNo matter what the guys say or tease you about your bras, you know that you need them to survive. A real woman doesn’t live without wearing the right kinds of bras, for they not only keep her posture erect, but also ensure that she is appropriately dressed. It doesn’t matter if you wear a t-shirt or a prom gown to look gorgeous, all that matters is that you wear a proper bra to keep your breasts firm and flaunt a better figure in front of others.

But while some of the bras are comfortable, there are others that are stylish. It is rightly observed that the comfortable bras are not very stylish, whereas the stylish ones are not very much comfortable. So which one should you pick?

If you ask for my opinion, I say comfortable bras. Why? Because…

• Nobody looks at your bra: The silliest thing that women do is spend a lot of money on wild bras; can you show them to anyone at all? There is no woman who walks wearing just the innerwear. Unless you have bought the bras with a different purpose, it is better to stick to those that are comfortable and soft.

• Bra is an inner garment designed to keep your breasts firm: We all know what the innerwear is meant for – when it comes to bras, they are meant to keep your breasts erect, so that you don’t flaunt your curves all the time you walk. Scientifically, such garments are designed to give more comfort to the female gender. Why do you want to stick to style, when you know how much comfort means to you?

• You avoid breast cancer symptoms when you wear comfortable bras: If you have breast cancer symptoms, the first thing that you are suggested to do is get rid of all those ugly and stylish bras that you have been wearing all this while. The gynecologists check what kinds of innerwear you wear, when you have symptoms of breast cancer. In fact, you are suggested to wear comfortable innerwear to help yourself cope up with this illness.

• Comfort comes first and is far more important than style: We all know the importance of comfort; there is no one in this world, who doesn’t value it. If you are someone, who prefers being comfortable, rather than being stylish, I need not give you more reasons to buy soft and good innerwear.

• Comfort is what all the women look for, from their innerwear: Women are quite skeptical, when it comes to buying bras. Yet, I have personally seen most of the women selecting comfortable bras, rather than selecting the stylish ones.

Top Ten Fashion Tips for Women

Fashion Tips for WomenNo doubt men are fashionable too, but women have always been in the limelight, when it comes to fashion and style. Along with the change in seasons, there are a lot of changes noticed in trends and styles. Right from the time a woman is a little girl, she knows how to carry herself to look good in the crowd. From cute, she turns beautiful and from beautiful, she turns gorgeous!

If you are a woman and you want to have a flawless appearance on the streets, here are the top ten fashion tips that you need to remember:

1) Don’t overload yourself with makeup: Makeup doesn’t make you look good; it is the way you carry yourself that makes you presentable and good. Kick off all those loud lipsticks, unless you are attending a party. Wear subtle makeup to look better and present the real you.

2) Wear the right designer jeans: Jeans need to be expensive; you can’t expect yourself to save money on the things that you wear over and over again. You don’t buy a lot of jeans for your closet; buy a few, but ensure that they deserve to be worn by you. Let them be designer!

3) Spend on those bottoms, rather than spending on your t-shirts: You need to wear expensive bottoms, not expensive tops. It is okay to do some street shopping for all those t-shirts and tanker tops, but not okay for you to buy low-quality cheap jeans.

4) Accessorize yourself with necklaces and earrings: Don’t forget to look gorgeous by wearing good earrings and lovely necklaces. It is always good to accessorize yourself in such a way that you look different when you walk with all of your friends.

5) Let a thigh-ring peep out on those stockings: Thigh-rings are quite in demand these days; buy at least one and wear it whenever you wear denim shorts. You can wear them on stockings too!

6) Wear loose clothes at times: Summers are hot in some of the countries; wearing loose clothes does the trick!

7) Don’t stick on a specific color for a long period of time: Don’t wear white all the time; get out of that shade and wear other colors as well!

8) Wear scarves during winters: Scarves are beautiful, especially during winters.

9) Keep changing your style with every changing season: Read different magazines and watch the ramp shows of different designers; cope up with the changing styles along with the change in seasons.

10) Wear printed materials: Printed materials are far better than plain tops; wear floral prints to depict your love for flowers and spring.

Design Your Own Shoe And Make An Impression On The World

Design Your Own ShoeChris Irwin felt the need of a brand new pair of shoes to attend the birthday party of his cousin next week. He visited his favourite online shop, browsed through the available categories and decided to buy a trendy pair. The product looked costly at first glance but then, the occasion demanded something like that and thus, he did not mind spending few extra pounds. The order reached the same day and Chris felt happy with the prompt delivery. His happiness though was short-lived — he unwrapped the packet and did not feel happy for what he saw and got.

The shoe was not branded yet Chris never expected to get such bad quality. The leather looked cheap, the design lacked fine-tuning and even the holes for laces were patchy or out or shape. This irked him big time and he immediately went for a refund, which materialized the next day. This kind of situation is not new with online shopping as a growing number of buyers report similar instances. There is nothing new in being delivered with either a cheap-looking version of the ordered product or being delivered with bad product. Such instances not only annoy buyers, but waste a lot of time in the process.

There are many buyers who complain about being delivered with either wrong colour, size, shape, design, or being delivered with anything but what was ordered. This is where the need was felt of designing own shoes and in this way, buyers would not have to deal with delivery of substandard or bad products. The biggest benefit of designing an own product is to get exactly what one needs or craves for. This is the reason why buyers today prefer to visit only those sites offering the freedom of customizing their own shoes. Such online shops help buyers get a 3D view while designing shoes.

More so, online shops today let buyers get a 360 degree view of shoes together with having the facility to design and customize every part of the product. Each and every layer of the shoe can be designed or customized with ease, or every corner can be reached at for personalization purposes. Buyers can select from a wide range of fabrics and leathers to enhance the look and feel of their shoe. One can change the toe or heel of the shoe, and it’s easy to decorate the product and make it more charming. More so, one can make as many changes as possible to get the desired kind of shoe.

In a nutshell, buyers can feel proud in having shoes design software as such products help them realize the target of designing own products. Without these software or tools, buyers would never be able to find the kind of shoes they look for. In a way, the advancement of technology must be thanked for bringing designing freedom to the fore and revolutionizing the concept of online shopping. After all, it’s now possible to visit an online shop, design own shoe and then order it.

Common Mistakes When Buying Custom Clothing

Buying Custom ClothingDespite the ease of designing and ordering great custom clothing online, there are a few common mistakes that people make when doing this. Here are a few of these frequent errors and how to avoid them in the future, whether this is your first time using such a service or if you have been disappointed in your order before.

The first common error when buying personalized shirts or custom hoodies online is not to check the quality of the shirts before you order. This includes everything from the thickness of the material, whether it is lined or not, where it is made, how durable the print or embroidery is and much more.

Of course, this is bound to be an area where people are often disappointed, simply for the fact that it is very hard to judge from a photo online just what an actual garment is like. For this reason, if you have the time it is strongly advised for you to ask for a sample garment or strip of material to be sent to you for evaluation, which can help you decide whether you are satisfied or not.

This is especially important if you are ordering a large number of garments from a team or a group of people,and you want to make sure that the clothing is durable and well-made enough for your purposes. This is especially true of sports teams or employee uniforms, where chances are you will be getting a lot of use out of these garments.

If you cannot get your hands on a sample or you are short on time, make sure that you ring up the company and ask for a detailed description of the quality of the garment, such as the quality of stitching and the thickness of the textiles used. Also look for customer reviews of their products so you can see how satisfied other people were with product quality.

The next common error that is made when ordering personalised t-shirts or custom hoodies online is not checking how long it takes to manufacture and ship a product. It is often the case that some teams, groups and organisations will need to order and receive orders on a very urgent basis, and therefore checking that you will receive an order rapidly is of utmost importance.

Again, it is worth checking customer feedback here too, as you are likely to get a sense of whether or not a company generally ships their products on time or if there are frequently delays. Sometimes, delays may not be a problem for you if the order is of top quality, but being aware of this will help you plan and make sure that you get your order on time if you know the schedule you are working with.

Lastly, a mistake that many people make when ordering custom shirts or custom hoodies online is not checking the return and exchange policy thoroughly. This is important, as there can often be small errors made, wrong sizes sent out, or simply faulty designs that have some how slipped through the quality control net.

Ensure that you know the process to follow if there is an error, and whether it will be difficult or simply to return products if they are not up to scratch. Of course, ensuring that you are satisfied should be a top priority of the company you are ordering from, so to check this is really the case so you can place your order in confidence.

How To Spot A Low Quality Suit

Low Quality SuitWhen buying a suit, the easiest option is to pick one up from the supermarket rack. But that’s also the worst option, because most readymade suits at your local mall shopping centre look good only on the mannequins. When you buy and start wearing them, they lose their fit, their shape, and their colour. You might say that it’s hard to spot a low-quality suit when it looks good at first glance. But it isn’t really hard, if you know certain things to look for.

What things? Here they are…

Examine The Fabric

You may not be an expert, but examining the fabric of a suit is actually easy. Premium quality suits are made of pure wool. Therefore the first thing you need to check when buying a suit is whether it’s made of pure wool or polyester or blended materials. Look for raw or virgin wool since recycled wool isn’t very strong. The weave should be smooth with no loose strands or knots, since they lead to pilling. Pilling is the biggest sign of inferior quality materials.

Thread Count

The thread count of a fabric determines its softness and durability. A ‘super’ fabric is one that has a thread count of 100 or higher. The optimal thread count is between 110 and 150. If the thread count is higher than 200, the material will be soft, but it will lose its durability. To ensure the best thread count, do a little online research, read the fabric labels carefully and ask the salespersons at the store if you have any query.

Check The Seams

A quality suit has firmer seams that indicate they are stronger and will last long. The best way to determine the seam is to gently pull them a little apart. If there’s a lot of spacing between the stitches, the seam is not strong. Seams that aren’t flat or have been overstitched or have loose or visible threads are all warning signs.

Check The Buttonholes

Although this may not seem important when your coat is buttoned, it is one of the best ways to determine the make of a suit. Of course, a readymade suit from a store isn’t going to have the standard of work that you find in a bespoke suit, but check that the suit’s button holes don’t have tattered edges, loose threads, or weak stitching and seams. While you’re at it, don’t forget to check that the buttons also are sewn on firmly.

Check The Fit

Whether you’re buying a readymade suit or getting it tailored, you must always check the fit. A high-quality suit at the right size should fit you well and make you feel great in it. The coat shouldn’t stretch, pull or bunch when it’s buttoned, and the fabric should be soft and comfortable. Don’t buy the suit if the fabric feels weak, stiff, or loose.