How to Choose the Right Jeans for Your Body

Right Jeans for Your BodyIn today’s day and age, many things are considered unflattering and with most designs of jeans a lot of women can’t wear a certain design. Fear not, there is always something that can be done about these pesky frustrations.

High-waisted jeans are comfortable to wear for anyone, but as with most clothes, they should be the right size. An example of a situation like this would be if your waist is smaller than your hips and this creates a gap between the jeans and your body.

The skinny jeans are probably the most popular style at the moment and one of the longest running fashion trends. They make your legs look longer and you seem so tall that people believe you are on cloud nine. Anyone can wear them but you can’t wear a pair that is too tight or too loose. If you are not sure about the tightness of the jeans, see how difficult it is to put your phone in the pocket. Bulging skin is never a pleasant sight and also leaves an indent in your skin when you take them off.

The jeggings are not made of the same fabric as jeans and are really just a pair of leggings which look like skinny jeans. The only difference is that there are no creases or pleats in the fabric which means it will take the form of your legs. It’s better not to wear the skin hugging piece of clothing if you don’t want any bulges to be seen.

Different styles that have a hip line include the bootleg, the skinny and the straight leg. It probably is the most comfortable because they are meant to fit the contours of your body. There isn’t a specific body type to wear these but there is always a specific size you should choose. Pretend that the label with the size isn’t there and get the pair that fits properly.

For something to fit properly you have to be able to move your legs and walk without being restrained. You know what your waist looks like so don’t feel bad if you have to get a size slightly bigger. Not all clothes were made by the same hand.

There are so many things that can be noticed on you especially if it isn’t worn properly. Comfort and fit is the most important part about wearing jeans today. Remember, you can wear any Levi jeans or Guess jeans, but you can’t wear any size.